Time flies! It seems like only yesterday that we opened our doors in Yateley for the first time, yet here we are two months later, with a few sales under our belts before the winter really sets in.

We have been beating the streets with leaflets, I even met a few people who told me that they would keep them, and have been out to value a wide and varied range of homes, having met some lovely and interesting people along the way.

Joking aside regarding the leaflets, all of us here have taken out maps to cover various sections of the area in recent weeks. One of the key benefits, apart from the fresh air and exercise, is it really helps us to know the area. It’s one thing to drive around on our way to appointments, but walking through each street and cul de sac gives an excellent insight into the types of properties that are out there, and where they are situated. It’s also made us realise that there are lots of little cut-throughs and footpaths all over Yateley and Blackwater that aren’t always shown on the maps. Little bits of insider knowledge like this will be invaluable when selling a home in those streets.

It will come as no surprise to local people who read this, but we’ve found that the majority of home movers in the Yateley, Blackwater and Eversley communities want to stay within that area. For many buyers this is due to the excellent schools, but we’ve also found that the open spaces, local facilities, social networks and the general quality of life keep people rooted within the same neighbourhood. The only problem is that with so many people wanting to trade up or downsize within the same area, combined with buyers moving in, the choice of available properties can be limited. I’ve spoken to a few people who have been looking for the right home for 2-3 years, but have not been able to find anything suitable, even when allowing for some compromises. When it comes to selling, it’s always a leap of faith to place your home for sale before you have found somewhere to move to, but I do often think that if everyone who wanted to move did take this first step, then the options for home movers would be greater and invariably less frustrating, even if chains took a while to come together.

One option we can offer is a ‘low key’ approach to marketing, without the exposure of the main property websites. This allows us to discuss potential properties with buyers and make them aware that the sellers want to sell, but are yet to find. In a number of cases, we have been able to find a purchaser who is willing to be patient, perhaps because they are in rented accommodation, for example, and this has put the seller in a better position when their ideal next home does pop up on the market.

If you are looking to make a move next year, please feel free to call me or one of the team at the Yateley branch. Hopefully, we will not only know your road very well, but also the locations that you want to move to. If you’d like to arrange a valuation of your home, or would like to register your details for property searching in the area, please feel free to contact us on (01252) 597900 or alternatively, e-mail yateley@mackenziesmith.co.uk.