With the clocks having gone back, the evenings are definitely drawing in and having seen the first frost of winter this week, the temperatures will soon be dropping. Whilst we notice the cold, so do our houses. We’ve put together a brief list of things to look for/do around the home in order to get ready for winter…

Protect the garden

It seems a strange one to begin with, but having had an incredible summer, chances are you spent more time than ever in your garden. Perhaps you invested in some new furniture or a BBQ for those countless sunny days. Either way, you’ve likely invested time and energy in keeping it nice. By heading indoors for the winter months, it’s important to store or cover garden furniture to prevent damage, particularly on metal items to avoid rust. This will also reduce chance of damage in a storm to the wider property. While you’re tidying these items, take a moment to drain the garden hose and store properly, residue water can freeze and cause damage to the hose over winter months.

Mind the gaps

We’ve braved all sorts of weather this year, from the arctic turn back in February and March to the glorious heat of summer. This drastic change of temperature could have lead to gaps and cracks appearing in walls, foundations or window seals. Take some time to check over your home, sealing gaps where possible, either with caulk or expandable foam filler. This will be an inexpensive solution and ensures your property stays insulated during the colder months.

Add some heat

Now that the cooler weather is upon us, it’s time to get that heating on again. This presents the perfect opportunity to check everything is working ok and in the most cost-effective manner. It would be worth getting a service on your boiler with a Gas Safe registered plumber, nothing worse than being left in the cold! It could also be a great time to consider switching providers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. To keep costs down and prevent pipes from freezing, it’s advisable to program your thermostat, ensuring consistent low temperatures when you’re not home, with a boost for when you need it. 

Simple solution

A very simple investment to make, but with more mud likely to be trodden into the home, now is the perfect time to invest in a good doormat. Try something with a rough texture to prevent walking dirt into the house. Anything to save on the hoovering has to be worth it!

A bit of investment

If you’re considering spending a bit more to save in the long run, upgrading doors and windows can be more energy efficient and add value to the home. Alternatively, if this isn’t viable, try a winter option of curtain or blind to help insulate the home. Talking of insulation, this is another area you could consider investing in, not only will it reduce energy bills, it will keep the house warmer and quieter, providing sound reduction.


Not all house maintenance can be done ourselves, sometimes it’s time to call upon the experts. If you have an open fireplace, now is the time to do so and get that chimney swept! Nothing worse than discovering a birds nest when you’re ready to cosy up by the fire. If you have a ladder, and are able to, it’s time to get up on the roof. Gutters will have collected many leaves over the autumn and will need a good clearout to prevent damp over the winter months, while you’re up there it is worth checking for any roof damage, such as loose tiles. Spotting this kind of damage early will be a much cheaper and easier fix than waiting for real damage to occur.