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Paul Johnston, Assistant Manager at the Fleet branch of Mackenzie Smith offers some tips to sellers on how to maximise the appeal of their home to viewers.


“A potential new owner will want to feel comfortable entering the property and to be able to visualise themselves in the space, following the below tips can help achieve this.

  • Keep your home as clean as you can – pay particular attention to your windows and other reflective surfaces
  • Ensure all outside spaces are tidy and well maintained
  • Either open your windows or use natural room fragrances (good quality scented candles are the best bet) to keep your home smelling fresh
  • Hide away as much personal “clutter” as possible – the emptier your home is, the more spacious it will appear to potential buyers
  • During the winter months bear in mind that late afternoon and evening viewings will be arriving in the dark so ensure your home is welcoming by leaving the outside lights on
  • It is essential that your home remains warm and cosy for potential buyers so you may need to adjust your heating timers
  • Given the current extreme weather changes, ensure your gutters and down pipes are kept clear of leaves and other debris – you certainly wouldn’t want them overflowing in front of a potential buyer


If you would like any advice on ways to maximise the appeal of your home to buyers and to secure the best price, or if you are lookign for a valuation and market appraisal please get in touch.”

Paul Johnston, Assistant Branch Manager

01252 812121