Causeway Cottage 003Over the last few weeks we have been fortunate enough to be instructed to let these three delightful cottages in Hartley Wintney and in each case we were surprised by the incredible response from prospective tenants.

It seems that Hartley Wintney has been identified by tenants moving out of the cities and the towns as an ideal spot to live and with these cottages being in the heart of the village, near the cricket green, golf club and local pubs, who can blame them.

The only problem with the popularity of these cottages is that we simply don’t have enough of them!  Not only do we have the demand from people coming from outside the area but also locals who want to stay in the village.

If you have a property in Hartley Wintney that you are thinking of letting and would like to discuss the local rental market in more detail we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 01252 514000, we can pop out and see you and the chances are we will already have a suitable tenant for you waiting to move in.

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