Our spotlight articles are a great way of introducing new members of staff, colleagues that are usually ‘behind the scenes’ and highlighting the variety of tasks our team embrace in their everyday work. However, this week’s spotlight is someone who needs no introduction, our Sales Director, Steve Tetlow.

Steve is one of Mackenzie Smith’s most recognisable faces, having joined Ed Mackenzie Smith in the creation of the company back in 1992. He has been a driving force within the sales teams, spending a lot of time in our branches, particularly Hartley Wintney, along with working closely on our new homes sales. As the Sales Director, Steve now oversees the branch activity, working closely with our teams to continue to progress the company. We thought the spotlight was the perfect opportunity to find out what started Steve on this career path, and what his highlights have been along the way.

Initially, Steve never dreamed of joining the profession, but stumbled into being an estate agent back in 1979, “based on the promise that if I did well, I would get to drive a company car, the ultimate incentive!

Having started my working life in a factory, the thought of working in an office had never crossed my mind. However, at my first interview I was offered the job of a trainee negotiator, on the conditions that I got a haircut, bought a suit and engaged in elocution lessons.

On my first day in the industry I met a number of people who, to this day, I still remain close friends with, it also brought about my first meeting with Ed Mackenzie Smith.”

Ed and Steve worked together in the early part of his career, when Steve worked over in the Wokingham and Reading areas. One of his claims to fame was being the first estate agent in Lower Earley, when at the time it was described as the largest private housing development in the country.

Having had the privilege on several occasions to either open brand new offices, or re-establish under-performing branches, Ed asked Steve to join him in launching Mackenzie Smith in Fleet in 1992, and the rest, as they say, is history.

With more than 35 years of helping clients to either sell their existing home, or acquire the home of their dreams, the decision was taken that Steve’s experience could be used to the benefit of our private and corporate clients, but that his acquired skills could also be used to help develop the fantastic team we have at Mackenzie Smith.

“For anybody who reads this, who has or is an estate agent, you’ll likely know that a career in estate agency really grabs you. Whilst there have been plenty of occasions over the years where my sanity has been tested, after 38 years I honestly still get a massive buzz from being entrusted to look after the sale of a home or, equally, when I have been instrumental in helping them buy their future home.

Whilst I have been involved in the sale of literally thousands of homes over the years, there have been several people, rather than transactions, that stick in my mind. One in particular involved a young couple who were desperate that their house was sold so that they could fund a trip to see England win the Rugby World Cup in 2003. I still have the magnum of Champagne that they sent me to celebrate both England’s win and their sale.

The great thing about my job, is that even after 38 years, the basic fundamentals have not changed. Whilst the likes of the internet have proved to be both an advantage and, on occasions, a hindrance, the fact remains that if we, as a profession, continue to provide honest and accurate advice, combined with the genuine desire to deliver superb customer service, the skills needed and the role we play will never change.

Away from the office, I love to spend time on the golf course, as whilst it is invariably spent in the company of others, it is a sport that requires complete concentration, providing a much needed break from thinking about property. That said, I’m always making new contacts on the fairways.

Until recently I have spent more than 15 years operating from our branch in Hartley Wintney. Having been very fortunate to have been involved in the sale of some fantastic and wonderful family homes, I have also made some great friends with many of the people in the village and hope to stay in touch now that I have relocated to our Fleet branch.

Whilst I am being forced to recognise that I am fast becoming one of the more elder members of the company, I can honestly say that I really do enjoy working with my colleagues who are still developing their careers, and like them, I still get up in the morning with an ambition and desire to ensure that we are seen as a company who really do care about delivering both an excellent service and results to our clients.

There have been many highlights throughout my career, from working with certain individuals who have made me both laugh and cry, all the way back to that scary day when we first started the company, when we literally had nothing more than the desks we sat at and the phones in our hands. Our recent 25th anniversary celebrations provided an enormous sense of satisfaction in that it was shares with some great friends and colleagues who continue to share the same values and aspirations.”

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