My typical Monday morning would usually involve a long list of people to call and numerous emails to respond to but this particular Monday morning was something quite different from the norm.

Its been about 20 years since I sat at a desk in a school sports hall and if my memory serves me right it was a particularly challenging History A-Level paper I was faced with at the time. Two decades on I find myself back at a desk in a school sports hall but instead of trying to get my head around the politics of the Tudor era Im attending ‘The Little Interview Day’ at Ash Manor School.

This event involves putting kids approaching year 10 in a job interview situation to help prepare them for the real world. Each candidate picks a career that they are interested in and I had to play the role of the potential employer for that position. I met with a budding photographer, a construction site foreman, a PE teacher, a mechanic, a pastry chef to name but a few. As you can appreciate, I have no experience in any of these trades but I gave it my best shot acting out the role of employer in these different fields and I think I was quite convincing at times!

I interviewed about 10 children in total and I have to say I was very impressed with the candidates that I met and I think they all have a bright future.