As the nights grow longer and the mornings become darker, the window of opportunity for thieves and burglars opens wider, here at Mackenzie Smith, we are sharing in the observation of National Home Security Month. An increase in burglaries and robberies of 6% was indicated in reports by the Office for National Statistics for 2017, which… Read More

When it comes to home security it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts, but the outside too.  As the nights draw in and seasonal festivities approach, we’ll all routinely run through security checks before heading outdoors. Windows – check, doors – check, alarm system – check… the majority of us do not consider… Read More

Hoping for a carefree holiday?  Here are our top tips to ensure your home is safe and secure wherever you are, leaving you to enjoy a restful holiday this summer. We know what you’re doing this summer….or do we? Thanks to the rise of social media, we most likely do, along with your hundreds of… Read More

Christmas is a busy time of year for us all, but whilst Santa and his Elves are busy distributing gifts for the big day, the diligent burglar is working hard for other reasons altogether. Whilst we prepare to unwind over the holidays, our relaxed nature can prove fruitful for the opportunist burglar, who pays vigilant… Read More

As October is National Home Security month, Sainsbury’s bank have put together a great visual guide to give you some ideas on how you can improve the security of your home. Below you’ll find some some preventative measures, mostly inexpensive and will take just a short time but will go a long way in keeping… Read More

With the shorter days creeping in and colder weather on its way, we seek shelter in the safe haven of our homes. But have you ever wondered how secure your home really is? October is typically the hottest month for burglaries to occur, and has been officially marked National Home Security Awareness Month. So, to… Read More