The rate of house price rises has led to concerns of a new housing bubble as more people are able to get a mortgage, leading to an even greater disparity between supply and demand which has pushed prices up. From February 2014 funds will be diverted away from mortgage lending and diverted to small business… Read More

In September 2013 over 40% more loans for house purchases were agreed than in September 2012*. This fantastic year on year improvement of mortgage approval is not just a testament to the success of the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme available on new build property but to the property market and economy as a… Read More

Over the last couple of months we have seen confidence rise in the market as with house prices. Due to the demand from our extensive database of active buyers, taking full advantage of the continuing low interest rates and the recently implemented Help To Buy Scheme, we find ourselves ordering a for sale board at… Read More

I can report that we are currently experiencing a sellers marketplace within the Fleet and Church Crookham area due to a lack of property available versus an oversupply of buyers looking to purchase a home, this oversupply of buyers may well increase with the Governments recent release of the Help to Buy Scheme.  In my… Read More

The much publicised ‘Help to Buy’ scheme has focused mainly on assisting First Time Buyers but it also enables another very important group of people to move as well. There are many Buyers (who are also Sellers) and if this sector entered the market it will help address the main issue affecting the market today… Read More

Andrew Fagg from Davenport Financial Management confirms the early introduction of the second part of the Government’s ‘Help to Buy scheme’. The scheme is designed to help the many credit-worthy people who are finding it difficult to get a mortgage today because of the large deposits needed following the financial crisis. To help address this,… Read More

August of this year saw Mackenzie Smith in Ash Vale have its most successful sales month since opening 11 years ago in the Spring of 2002. This activity continued into September with a wave of new buyers entering the market following the end of the summer holiday period. With the recent government announcement about the… Read More

The second part for the Help to Buy scheme, initially intended for launch in January 2014, is being launched 3 months early, on 7th October 2013, meaning 95% mortgages are going to be available to purchasers of second hand as well as new build properties. The purchaser needs a deposit of 5%, on homes up… Read More