It is the beginning of spring and is certainly starting to feel like it (despite yesterday’s unexpected flurry of snow). If you are wondering what to do or where to start in your garden at this time of year, read on for some handy hints.

Growing wild

Warmer weather with plenty of sunshine means that flowers and weeds are likely to be going wild in your garden at this time! You will need to pull any weeds from the garden, tie climbing and rambling plants and, of course, mow the grass if you haven’t already – a lawn kept short helps at this point in the season, increasing heat in the soil.

Watch out for the frost

Don’t be fooled by the nicer weather, as late spring frosts can still spoil fruit blossoms which are vulnerable at this stage, even with hardier fruits. Cloches or fleeces are perfect covers for most plants, trees and bushes, used at night and removed in the day time to help with pollination. It of course helps when originally planting, if you position the plant or tree in a sunny spot with a sheltering wall.

Tend the lawn

Now is the time to repair lawns; reseed bare patches or lay fresh turf. You don’t necessarily need to relay the entire lawn, you can cut out turf from areas in the garden where they won’t be missed and replace over damaged areas, using a rake to press down the edges.


If you would like to grow vegetables, now is the season for sowing leafy green spinach, coriander, salad lettuce, spring onions, radish, early carrots and a variety of peas, including mange tout and sugar snap, outside. You can also plant potatoes and transplant other vegetables from trays and pots, such as cucumbers and tomatoes.


If you haven’t already, it is a good time to plant summer flowering bulbs; begonias, freesias, gladiolus and even Oriental Lilies. Native wild meadow flowers can also be sown this month to help support our pollinators, including primroses, bluebells, violets, wild tulips and the creeping jenny.

Outside entertainment

Is it time to replace old decking or patio slabs? Prepare for spring and summer entertaining, you never know when the sun’s going to shine! A local company may well be able to fulfil your needs, or you can purchase the materials if you are up to the job yourself! Perhaps a water feature would make a relaxing addition to your garden, or maybe some swings and a trampoline would help the children burn off some of that excess energy!

Whatever activity you choose to undertake in your garden this April, we hope you enjoy many sunny, fun-filled spring days!