Here at Mackenzie Smith, our dedicated team are what really sets us apart. If you’ve done business with us before, you’ll know how hard we work both as individuals and as a team to collectively ensure that our reputation precedes us and to which our Trustpilot reviews are testament.

With that in mind, we have been shining the spotlight on various members of our team and this week we are heading back to the head office crew, to me, the Marketing assistant. I have been with Mackenzie Smith since May, so you may not recognise my face, especially as my role is not public facing. You may, perhaps, have seen my name appear on a few blogs, offering useful property tips and advice. Principally, I create the content of your property descriptions online, as well as brochures, based on the information given to me by the estate agent looking after the sale of your property.

I am a part-time member of the team due to my family commitments, which include some taxi driving of my partner to work whilst he learns to drive. I have a twenty year old, as well as a teenage son, both of whom my long-term partner and I are exceedingly proud of. I surprised myself in starting my family at the young age of 18, which led to a general plot twist in terms of my education and the rearranging of the typically expected sequences of life. I was still determined to attain a higher level of education and therefore slowly studied piece by piece, doing A-levels and other small courses, whilst raising young children. I varied from part time and full time roles, depending on family demands, whilst my partner discovered a love of painting and decorating. Luckily for me, he has always been an active and attentive father to our sons and was generously supportive whilst I studied. I eventually enrolled in a Foundation degree in Creative Industries at Winchester University, before switching to Open University to finish, following my passions of children’s literature and Shakespeare, I completed my degree about five years ago with a 2.1., then committing to permanent, full time office work.

Following my graduation, I was attracted to the role of copywriting, feeling it suited my skills in language and literature. While useful, my degree did not help to focus my career unless I wanted to become a teacher, which I didn’t. I reflected at times that perhaps I should have studied marketing, but really wanted to gain experience in the workplace rather than pursue further studies, and I really didn’t want to spend all weekend on an assignment when I could be out enjoying time with my family. A short stream of customer service roles later, much to my joy, I found a role where I could get involved in copywriting, which, coupled with a need to go part time to support my partner in the development and expansion of his business, happily led me to Mackenzie Smith.

Working within the marketing team here, I have discovered that property is a very inspiring “product” that I thoroughly enjoy copywriting for. All of the properties demand bespoke brochure content as they each have their own individual personality. Having brought up children, it is easy to appreciate the value of features such as an open plan kitchen or a second bathroom! I love to see, both in the photos and details from the estate agent, how owners have lavished their homes with attention, or made their property unique and, on occasion, what potential a property holds for future owners. It really is true that every home is different and that is exactly what keeps my role interesting. I also enjoy working with the estate agents here, who always seem to have such a sunny disposition, with a positive attitude towards their work which is highly infectious, not to mention, productive!

Being an independent agency, we have always adopted a personal approach with our clients, aiming to provide you with the tools and know-how of the property industry that would allow you to make informative property decisions, not just now but in the future also. In doing so, we are keen to bring to you relevant and informative articles through our blogs and newsletter, The Thistleblower, so if there are any topics you would like us to draw light on do contact us at