Our spotlight series takes a look at a different employee within Mackenzie Smith every other week. Across all departments and all job roles, each person at Mackenzie Smith has a story behind their career so far, this week we’re introducing Jon Lacey, our Fleet branch manager.

Jon joined Mackenzie Smith back in October 2002, making this week his 15th anniversary with us, a fantastic achievement which does make him the longest serving colleague apart from our Chairman, Ed Mackenzie Smith and Sales Director, Steve Tetlow. Jon can still recall his first house sale on 16th November 2002 in Ashbury Drive, Hawley.

Jon’s introduction to a career in estate agency was purely by chance. “One of my good friends, who was at the time a Director at Mackenzie Smith, persuaded me to take a “6 month sabbatical” from my father’s computer maintenance business to help out at the Camberley office. The Camberley branch was expanding at that time and apparently, I “fitted the mould for being an estate agent”, perhaps it was the gift of the gab when out socially that gave him that idea! So I fell into the industry with Mackenzie Smith and never looked back. Every aspect of the job is interesting and engaging, I particularly enjoy the problem solving aspect and working on new developments from initial consultation phases right through to handing the last buyer their set of keys.”

Jon is currently leading the team at our Fleet branch, which is now his third stint in the town, with the first being in 2003. Following spells in Camberley and Farnborough, Jon returned to Fleet as Assistant Branch Manager in 2008. He then headed back to Farnborough where he became the Branch Manager, before returning to Fleet in February last year. The movement between Fleet and Farnborough has provided Jon with an exceptional knowledge of the markets in both towns, having managed the sales of a diverse selection of homes and several new developments. “The Convent in Farnborough was a particularly interesting project, overseeing the renovation from the historic Convent built in 1889, to a unique and iconic building with 14 chic and individual apartments. Every sale is memorable as there is always a reason and story behind every move, helping people to achieve their dreams is always a pleasure.”

Whilst Jon appreciates the area he has worked in for 15 years, particularly the community spirit of Fleet and Church Crookham, he has a penchant for seeing the world. “I love skiing in the winter months, with Whistler in Canada still being my favourite place to return to. I’ve been lucky to have skied there three times now and still feel that there are many ‘runs’ with my name on them. As for the summer months, I love a bit of sun, sea and sand and have been fortunate enough to scuba dive in parts of the Caribbean, as well as elephant trekking in the jungles of Thailand.”

When he’s not travelling the world or managing his team and property sales back in Fleet, Jon’s girlfriend, family and friends play an important part in his life, as he spends as much time as possible with them, whether that’s walking the dogs in the local countryside, or a Sunday afternoon watching sports.


If you’d like to speak to Jon and our team at Fleet about selling your house, or would like any information regarding our services, please contact the Fleet branch on (01252) 812121 or e-mail fleet@mackenziesmith.co.uk.