On the 20th February the Department for Communities and Local Government has released a consultation paper regarding the current planning procedure of Section 106 agreements and planning applications.

Katherine Gray, Land ManagerThis follows a commitment in the Autumn Statement 2014 to consult on measures to speed up the negotiations and agreement of Section 106 agreements.

The document advises ‘The consultation seeks views on what mechanisms may be used to speed up the process of agreeing planning obligations’.

As such the Government recognises that the way Section 106 agreements are dealt with can cause significant delays to the planning application process. These delays are not only capable of occurring before a committee has resolved to grant planning permission, but afterwards as well if the grant of permission is subject to the completion of a Section 106 agreement.  The result of these lengthened negations is the delay in the delivery of much needed new homes into communities.

Should you wish to comment on the consultation please do so by clicking here.  Please note the consultation will end on the 19th March 2015.