I can report that we are currently experiencing a sellers marketplace within the Fleet and Church Crookham area due to a lack of property available versus an oversupply of buyers looking to purchase a home, this oversupply of buyers may well increase with the Governments recent release of the Help to Buy Scheme. 

Michael Lloyd  Sales DirectorIn my experience the skill of your chosen agent is put to the test more so than ever in this climate as there can and have been recent examples of several buyers expressing an interest in the same property.  In these instances the aim of the agent should be to not only achieve the best price possible for their client but as importantly to carry out some essential qualification procedures to ensure that the successful buyer has the highest chance possible of completing.

Therefore the speed at which the sale is achieved is not necessarily the key to how successful a house move is. The current market conditions show that if the initial valuation advice is correct and the property is presented, marketed and handled correctly by the agent a sale should follow.

The key for the seller, in my opinion, is to appoint an agent who they feel they can work with throughout this process leading up to, and for a period of time after, the sale has been put together.  The choice of a solicitor also has an enormous impact on the smooth running of a transaction therefore an agent of choice should be able show strong working relationships with reputable local firms as we do rely on these professionals for information during the conveyance.

We have seen recent examples of chain situations where these qualifications and good practices are not implemented by our competitors, leading to our representative intervening to ensure our client is not negatively affected.

Therefore if you are looking to market your property at any stage in the future I would recommend instructing an agent that not only promises you they can sell your property for the highest price, but one that you trust to work with, to ensure the sale you initially agree ends up with you handing your house keys over to them on the move day.

Michael Lloyd, Sales Director

01252 812121 michaell@mackenziesmith.co.uk