Our Ash Vale Branch Manager, Darren Allett, has highlighted the importance in considering your position as a buyer and a vendor, before making your moving plans.

The consideration needs to be in at what point you sell. Before, or after you find your dream home?

Darren’s advice is before.

By selling before, when it comes to buying you are not only in a stronger position should you come up against competing offers on your next home, but you’re also in a better position if you are looking to negotiate.

From the selling perspective, if you are not in a rush or pressured by the chain surrounding your purchase, you are in a position to reflect and consider the market, rather than react to any offers you may receive. If you are seeking a buyer and in threat of losing your future purchase, you are at risk of potentially under-selling your home due to the need to move quickly.

Ultimately, this timing could be costly, see the below example for a brief overview. 

Whilst this is a very ‘black and white’ example, which of course is never the reality, it does highlight the need for considered timing, a thoughtful approach and expert advice.

For an informal discussion on your moving plans, please do get in touch with your local branch, they’ll be happy to assist.