The talented performers of year six at Hook Junior School prepared tirelessly for this great production with four showings over two days, the 12th and 13th July. We are pleased to have been able to sponsor the event and support the school in producing costumes, props and programmes for the production.

The infamous Sherriff of Nottingham was played very well by Jamie Clarke with his troop of bad guys looking like a force to be reckoned with. The villagers and merry men had very convincing costumes making it quite believable that they had been living in the wood for months!

The hero, Robin Hood, was played excellently by Felicity Checksfield and was complemented well by Anna Mungall playing Maid Marian. For something a bit different there was the ‘Rockin’ Robin Dance Crew’ made up of 8 confident and talented performers.

The performances were well attended by many generations of family, served juice and Pimms whilst waiting for the production to start. It was an exceedingly enjoyable experience for the parents full of pride and the performers who were buzzing with the excitement and nervousness brought by live performance.