Whilst it was predicted in some quarters that this year would see a decline in house prices, that might have been the case in some parts of the country but here in North Hampshire and particularly within Hartley Wintney and the surrounding villages we have experienced quite the opposite.

Some might suggest that this is following the Sky News report last December that Hartley Wintney is ‘The best place to live in Britain’, but whilst we wouldn’t disagree we are more of the opinion that the law of supply and demand had an equally large part to play in what has been achieved.

This year has seen the continued demand for all types and styles of properties and across all prices ranges with success being achieved where attractive and realistic pricing have in many cases, led to more than one buyer bidding for each property.

As is always the case the importance of local knowledge has enabled us to provide advice to achieve this situation and this in our opinion is gained from an intimate knowledge of the village and the specific demand for homes from those who not only wish to move to the area but as importantly those who wish move locally.

Trusting that the same conditions and demand will continue throughout 2103 we look forward to sharing more success with our clients in the future and take the opportunity to wish everyone and Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Stephen Tetlow – Director

Hartley Wintney Office : 01252 844015