hand and mapWith 25 years of experience within the property sector, it would be fair to say that we have an extensive knowledge and comprehensive experience of dealing with all things property.  For many, the common associations with our business are sales, lettings and new homes, but an imperative part of our core business, and the industry as a whole, is land. Land, after all, is where the story begins for residential homes. We thought it was time to re-introduce our multifaceted land department to explain exactly what they do.

As we go about our daily lives within the comfort of our homes, it is easy to forget that the setting in which your home is now established, was once upon a time, just a piece of land, or as some may say, an opportunity. This opportunity, along with the investment of time, a huge amount of care, consideration, an investor and materials results in a selection of homes that would fundamentally help to boost the UK’s property market and continue to work to meet the demands of the ever-growing population and need for homes.

Ed mackenzie Smith_webOur Land Department has been successfully operating since 1992, during which time we have dealt with an array of projects; from small scale plots in a back garden, to acres of fields. Our broadening profile allows us to identify suitable land opportunities and connect the owner with a reliable and suitable developer. Furthermore, by joining forces with our Sales and Lettings Departments we can oversee the entire process.

Staff Katherine GrayWhat truly sets our Land Department apart is our dedicated team. Working alongside our Managing Director, Ed Mackenzie Smith, our Land Manager Katherine Gray and newcomer Gary Tetlow bring individual strengths and market expertise.

Katherine’s technical know-how and knowledge of land and property law allows for a specialist approach to the sale of residential land. Gary, with his background in both residential and land sales brings practicality and years of knowledge and experience to the team.

garyYou may not have come across our land team before, we can’t often shout from the rooftops about the work they have done in the same way we can for all other areas of our business. The majority of sales that we work towards and negotiate are more often than not, completely confidential. Working with a range of other property professionals including planning consultants, solicitors and accountants, towards a mutually agreeable end goal can take some time, on occasion, years, during which time confidentiality is required. This personal and individual approach has allowed us to build and develop some strong relationships and a sound database of contacts that we can always rely on to tie up a sale proficiently.


To learn more about our Land Department, or for an informal discussion regarding a plot of land that you might want valued, please feel free to contact the team on 01252 762007 or e-mail land@mackenziesmith.co.uk.