Q & A with Bewley Homes

March 21, 2019

With two brand new sites from Bewley Homes, Nursery Gardens and Ash Lodge Park, both proving popular, particularly with local families, we took the opportunity to get a developer’s insight on New Homes; what the current market holds, along with their priorities when releasing a new site. Sales Manager, Brett Reeves, was kind enough to offer his time for a quick Q & A.

We’d like to thank Brett and the team at Bewley Homes for giving up their time this week. There isn’t often the opportunity to get an inside look at how the homes are built and the thought processes behind it all. Certainly from our perspective, we deal with the land and the sales of the homes, and whilst we will always lend our advice, research and experience to developers, the in-between phases are best left to the professionals, and with a strong reputation for delivering quality products, Bewley Homes are certainly the right people for the job.

For more information on Bewley Homes, click here. To learn more about their latest developments, click here for Nursery Gardens or here for Ash Lodge Park. Alternatively, contact our Ash Vale branch on 01252 353030 who are handling the sales for both sites.

What’s your favourite aspect of working with Bewley Homes?

I still get that buzz and sense of pride when we can hand over the keys and welcome happy customers into their brand new Bewley home. I’m currently overseeing six different local developments, including Nursery Gardens and Ash Lodge Park, each is different, whether it be the scale of the site, the local surrounding area… which means we have a different challenge each day.

What do Bewley Homes value the most?

Ultimately, we put the customer first. We have a fantastic work ethic, reflected in our service and homes, which was what initially drew me to the company in the first place. We offer a superior product; from the high quality beams we use, to the impressive external works and development landscaping, every choice is made to ensure our purchasers have homes to be proud of.

Is there one aspect of the job that is never easy?

The trickiest part has to be choosing the internal finishes, such as tiling and kitchens. If the house hasn’t been reserved by this point in construction, then we need to make the decision. I’m always incredibly mindful of who might end up living there, luckily our customers always seem pleased with the choices.

When it comes to selecting the specifications of the home, both internally and externally, how do you go about choosing?

It all comes down to the house types that we’re building, and of course the market. The specification will differ if our homes are targeted towards first time buyers or downsizers for instance. Our apartments near London offer something contemporary, whilst some of our larger homes have a more traditional feel. Regardless, we want to give our customers the “wow” factor.

Is there one thing you look for in particular when finding a site to develop?

Location, location, location, it really makes the difference for our customers. We consider all aspects; good local schools, transport links, up and coming areas or simply a picturesque location. Nursery Gardens and Ash Lodge Park both have something for everyone; within walking distance of local schools, excellent transport links to local towns and cities, plus London for commuters, with the added benefit of being close to areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Have you noticed any challenges facing the New Homes market?

Mainly, in our current market, it’s affordability, particularly for our first time buyers. However, the Government’s Help to Buy scheme really does make a difference and has definitely helped a number of our home owners. The housing market in the UK has always fluctuated and I think it’s fair to say we all anticipated a “slow down” in the lead up to Brexit, but we’re finding that not to be the case, with weekly reservations at both Nursery Gardens and Ash Lodge Park; they’re proving very popular.

Is there one part of the whole process that could be easier?

I truly believe that Bewley Homes have created an easy process for our buyers. We alleviate stress in what can be a stressful time in their lives. The ease of selecting a new home, finalising the finishing touches and working with our recommended partners (mortgage advisors etc) make for a simple process.

What’s your favourite element of the two sites you currently have with us?

Both Nursery Gardens and Ash Lodge Park are aesthetically pleasing; ideal family homes balanced with beautiful open spaces.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Keeping to a build schedule is always difficult when you’re battling with unpredictable weather. This year we’ve had snow, wind, rain… it can really hold us back, but thankfully we have a great construction team working on each site who always manage to get us back on track, ensuring we deliver a dream home to our customers.

Having had a great reception for Nursery Gardens and Ash Lodge Park, do you have any further plans on the horizon for the local area?

We are always looking for new opportunities, so we’d certainly like to return. Ash Lodge Park will be keeping us busy in the meantime, with phase 1 selling well, whilst Nursery Gardens is coming close to being fully finished.

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