We work with a number of developers on a wide range of new sites, which gives local buyers a great selection with varied benefits. We’re thrilled to be currently working with a local developer on a bespoke, one-off property in Culverlands Crescent, Ash, Surrey.

With the marketing now underway for Ashridge Homes’ unique bungalow, we took the opportunity to get a developer’s insight on New Homes; what the current market holds, along with their priorities when releasing a new site. Managing Director, Chris Howell, was kind enough to offer some of his time for a quick Q & A.

Q. Tell us a little bit about life at Ashridge Homes…

Having been building in the area for over 42 years, I’ve overseen too many projects to quantify. For me, I enjoy focusing on each individual property with regards to bespoke product detail. No two homes are the same, be that in size, style or type. Spending time to ensure a consistent, quality finish is seen across all homes is a key priority for me.

Q. What do Ashridge Homes value the most?

Given my previous answer, it will come as no surprise that it’s the attention to detail that sets us apart. Overall our goal is to ensure that we have an end product that, not only are we happy with, but we’re proud of. We create homes; every detail is important to the future owner, as it is to us.

Q. When it comes to selecting the specifications of the home, both internally and externally, how do you go about choosing?

I approach each new development with fresh eyes and I am always open to new ideas. I keep up with the latest trends by reading trade magazines and conducting market research from the larger developers and their show homes. It’s always good to consider emerging concepts into our builds to appeal to buyers and to continually evolve with the times. When it comes to the external aesthetic, we’ll largely tailor the choices to the adjoining areas, so that our new home is in keeping with its surroundings.

Q. What do you think is the most important thing a buyer looks for in a new home?

In my opinion, buyers look at the overall finish of a product, in this day and age there is plenty of choice and whilst our builds are bespoke, it’s crucial that their finish is exceptional. I also think that there is a lot of weight placed on the quality and style of the kitchen. It’s one of those rooms that need particular attention to detail in the style and approach, with contemporary, yet classic and appealing features remaining key. I’ve also noticed that there is a real need for the spaces in a home to be light and airy, more so than ever.

Q. Is there one thing you look for in particular when finding a site to develop?

“Could I live there?” I’m passionate about what I do, so this is imperative from day one.

Q. Have you noticed any challenges facing the New Homes market?

This isn’t necessarily an emerging trend, but planning delays cause real challenges and frustrations for all involved in the process. If that could be made easier, it would be a real game changer.

Q. With your bungalow at Culverlands Crescent now available for sale, what’s your favourite aspect of the home?

It’s incredibly well-suited for the envisaged end user. The size, space and requirements have all been considered and designed for someone who would feel at home within this quiet cul de sac.

Q. How long has 38a Culverlands Crescent taken to get from start to finish?

This kind of build will usually take approximately six months, not taking into account the sales period, which given the niche audience for this home, it is likely to take a little longer to find the right owner.

Q. Do you have any further plans on the horizon for the local area?

We do indeed, but that’s all you’re getting for now!

 We’d like to thank Chris for giving up his time this week. There isn’t often the opportunity to get an inside look at how the homes are built and the thought processes behind it all. Certainly from our perspective, we deal with the land and the sales of the homes, and whilst we will always lend our advice, research and experience to developers, the in-between phases are best left to the professionals, and, with over 42 years of experience, Ashridge Homes are certainly the right people for the job.

For more information on the bungalow we currently have for sale with Ashridge Homes, please click here, or alternatively enquire with our Ash Vale team on 01252 353030, ashvale@mackenziesmith.co.uk.