As an alternative to selling your property have you ever considered letting it out? It may not be as complicated as you think.

In reality troublesome tenants are a rare occurrence and if the process is carried out properly a tenancy should proceed without any problems.

Gone are the days when tenants had greater security of tenure if they had their own furniture. Also gone are the days when an Assured Tenancy could be created in error making it impossible to remove an unwelcome tenant.  The current legislation protects both the landlord and the tenant and as long as the correct procedures are followed both parties should feel comfortable that their interests are protected.

Getting professional advice is crucial for a successful tenancy and getting it right at the start could save you a lot of time and money later on.

When choosing an agent take the time assess the agent and ask yourself what type of tenant are they likely to attract? Quality properties let through quality agents attract quality tenants and this leads to smooth trouble-free tenancy.  See how the agent operates and ask who you will be dealing with and are they qualified? Will you get the personal attention you expect?

Employing a lettinga agent solely based on them being the cheapest may have short term benefits but if they are cutting corners you may not receive the correct advice which could leave an inexperienced landlord facing unwanted problems at check out, or even facing fines if safety obligations have not been met. You want an agent who knows what they are doing and can give you the correct advice.

Not only should you employ a qualified letting agent but also one that will get the right result. It is not difficult to find a tenant but finding the right tenant takes a little more expertise. You as the landlord need to be 100% happy with the people you are letting to and an experienced letting agent will not rush you into agreeing to let your property to the first person through the door.

It is all about instructing an agent that you can trust to market your property correctly, source a good quality tenant and manage your property competently in your absence.

Michael Clarke 2Our advice would be to visit local agents and talk to the staff that you will be dealing with. Invite them to your property to give you their idea on rental values. Establish who will be your point of contact throughout the tenancy and make sure they tell you all about your legal obligations. Once you have decided that they are an agent you can trust then you can ask them about their fees.