When potential buyers are browsing through photos on the net, looking for that perfect new home, a small detail could make a big difference. Just one thing could make your home stand out that much more from others that are available. 

First impressions are absolutely crucial. Usually, the first image viewed online is the front of your home. Try not to detract attention with vehicles parked at the front; a large 4×4 vehicle could make your house appear smaller in size.  If possible, do try to present clean windows, mow the lawn and trim back any hedges. These simple tasks will present the amount of space available, yet also give a good indication of how cared for the internal space will be. Remove rubbish bins from sight (if possible) and give the space a little tidy, putting away clutter such as wheelbarrows and hoses. However, you may wish to leave outdoor furniture nicely presented, displaying it to show the potential for entertaining outside, as well as bigger children’s play equipment such as swings or a slide. This will give potential buyers a feel of the lifestyle your home can offer.

Reception rooms are a key feature, so why not take the opportunity to really show them off! Perhaps add a fresh vase of flowers to a mantelpiece to attract attention to the fireplace, or position a sophisticated centrepiece on the dining table. If you so desire, set the table, as this can have a welcoming effect. Add an accent to neutral decor with a few well-placed, light-coloured accessories such as different textured cushions or cheer up a tired-looking sofa with a new throw, but ensure these are neatly placed to avoid drawing the eye from the room.

Decluttering as much as possible is obviously a good idea; clear away coats, shoes and toys. However, homely touches are just fine, as a tasteful belonging can give the house a touch of warmth and appeal. Also tuck away additional furniture, if you can move some to the side or into a storage room, then so much the better.  This will really help to emphasise the space and size of a room. Don’t worry too much if you have accumulated a storeroom full of boxes, bits and bobs, as our agent can leave that room out of the photos if required – the buyer needs to see the spaces that they’ll be living in more than the storage which will be visible on the floorplan.

Try to give a sense of what uses a room offers if it is versatile, without making it appear too busy. For example, keep an office desk in place, but keep books on display down to a minimum, clear away magazines and hide cables from view.  Remember that sometimes, less really is more.

The kitchen and/or utility room will naturally look a lot more appealing if tidy, as nobody wants to look at dirty dishes or laundry! Put away tea towels, fridge magnets and boxes and clear the sides as much as possible. This will help to show there is plenty of storage and work surface space. Close to your heart they may well be, but try not to have children’s drawings on show – anything that distracts attention from your beautiful kitchen. 

Tidy away all of the usual bathroom bottles and sponges, close the toilet lid, remove toilet roll and towels. Having a clear bathroom gives it an inviting feel!

Bedrooms will be more attractive with quilt covers or throws which work well with the décor. Most importantly in the bedrooms, it is a good idea to put away any very personal items, including the washing. Ensure the beds are made, under bed storage is neat and any toys on top of storage are neatly arranged – a great task for the children to get involved in!

Lastly, light plays an important role in presenting a property, so do ensure that all of your light bulbs are in good working order. Opening blinds and curtains will let in plenty of natural sunlight, which is often a huge factor for potential buyers.

We are always working to present your home in the best possible way to attract quality viewings and interest, to consider the options available, please do get in touch with your local branch.