The importance of planning ahead could never have been better highlighted than by the recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations and equally the forthcoming Olympics.

Whilst it is quite clear that both these major events have been planned for some years ahead, here at Mackenzie Smith we have spent the last 20 years responding to the needs of our clients whether it is a planned change, something driven by a change in circumstances or a more impulsive decision.

Combining an understanding our clients’ needs with our experience and intimate knowledge of the local housing market, and the factors that drive it, we are confident in providing accurate valuation advice, supported by a comprehensive marketing plan and excellent customer service to sell your home.

We would like to think that in the majority of occasions our advice and expertise has enabled our clients to move home within the timeframe they have asked us to achieve.

So if you are either seeking advice so that you can plan for an event sometime in the future, or if you need our thoughts on how to make things happen sooner, then please call either of our local branches at Hartley Wintney or Hook, when you can be assured of our prompt response.

Kind regards,

Stephen Tetlow

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