Plan for the future

April 26, 2023

Are you a land or commercial property owner, thinking of realising your asset? 

Whether it’s a garden or field of 1 or more acres, an office building, retail space or warehouse, you might be surprised at what opportunity and value your assets hold.

With the right course of action to secure the optimal planning permission, value could be added to your property. Disused gardens could be transformed into a custom-build family home, whilst larger plots could become a cluster of bespoke properties built by a local developer. Commercial properties may be renovated or converted into new business premises, or even residential accommodation.

Whilst we appreciate that you may not have considered releasing equity from your assets, we should advise you that attaining planning permission can be a complex and time consuming process. As such, the earlier you start thinking about optimizing your asset, the greater the chance of realising its value when you believe you will want it.

Our Land agents can determine the best value of your asset, based on all of the qualities it presents. Drawing on considerable experience and resources, they’ll provide expert advice and guidance, meticulous assessment and comprehensive management of your land sale. Working with discretion, they’ll skillfully negotiate and finalise the deal too – all helping you to future proof your finances.

Find out what your property can do for you! Contact our Land department today, and on: 01252 597765, or by email, here.

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