Why use a Land Agent?

October 02, 2022

Are you a landowner? Perhaps you have wondered what it is that our Land Department can do for you…

We have been successfully representing a vast variety of landowners since 1992. Our expertise covers a variety of our purposes, from new homes to individual properties, investment portfolios, paddock land, woodland, and more.

There are so many different kinds of plots dealt with by our Land Department, you could have an undeveloped plot without planning permission, or wish to sell part of your back garden. Perhaps you have an acre of land with a bungalow or a Bed & Breakfast with potential as an HMO. Maybe you own a redundant building that you’d like to see redeveloped for a new lease of life, or a large development with hundreds of houses? Our land team works together on all of these types of projects, aiming for the best possible outcome for the client.

“Seeing a client’s plans for the future come to fruition is extremely gratifying. What’s important is making sure they are comfortable with their decisions. We aim to maximize the value of the property, whilst also getting the deal that’s right for them."

Gary Tetlow, Land Manager

We can investigate the potential that your property has and create opportunities from this. We work with our clients to extract the optimum deal for our clients, tailoring our approach to their specific needs and requirements.

“I enjoy working with my clients to achieve the best deal possible. It’s also incredibly rewarding to see the physical element of a plan developing. It is a privilege to be trusted with what is often my client’s most valuable asset."

Katherine Gray, Land Director

Often the sale process has multiple stages. It can involve people selling their land in isolation or in many cases, multiple landowners joining together. When marketing a site we take care to respect client confidentiality and privacy. The developers we introduce to the site respect this as well.

When the site is being sold with the benefit of planning permission, then the purchase process is simpler as the ‘what ifs’ of what can be achieved have been removed. If the site is yet to secure planning permission, we ask developers to put forward offers, typically on a subject to planning permission basis. This enables a hypothetical value of the site to be determined.

Once the permissions are obtained, then we can realise the full value of the land for our clients.
Optimizing the value of land yet to secure planning permission is not just about getting the right price, it’s about delivering a result. What is logistically possible with a plot is of huge significance. It’s a matter of backing the right horse.

If you would like advice regarding your land, please contact our Land Manager, Gary Tetlow on (01252) 597766, or Land Director, Katherine Gray on (01252) 597765. 

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