The ladies driving challenge is an event arranged by the Fire Fighters charity to raise money for thousands of fire fighters who are injured whilst protecting the public. Every 30 seconds in the UK, fire fighters are called to an incident, putting their lives on the line, and often sustaining physical injuries whilst carrying out their duties. The Fire Fighters Charity is there for all fire service personnel during their times of need, and assists thousands of individuals every year, by providing pioneering treatment and support services.  For further information go to

The Farnborough Ladies Driving challenge took place at Farnborough Airfield in October 2010. I was nervous leading up to the event, being used to driving my little Yaris! During the day I was able to drive several small military buggies and 4x4s, a double-decker bus, a modern fire engine and even struggled to keep a hover craft afloat. I was able to enjoy a passenger ride in a Caterham and took a ride as a standing passenger on a motocross bike sidecar. There was also an interactive demonstration where I got was dressed up in the fire fighters kit and used the ‘jaws of life’ to cut bits off a car. Wearing all the protective clothing was very hot and heavy which gives me even more respect for those who work with this hi tech kit in some very difficult conditions.

I managed to raise a total of £115 for the charity, half of which will go to the James Shears and Alan Bannon Memorial Fund, set up in memory of two firefighters who lost their lives on duty in April 2010. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience and my contribution, along with the funds raised by all those who took part is going to a truly worthy cause. I recommend this to anyone who might enjoy a fun day out experiencing new vehicles and raising money for a worthy cause, Driving Challenge days are held throughout the country in the summer/autumn.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me, especially Ed, who was my biggest sponsor.