We are pleased to have continued our relationship with Ash Manor Secondary School by attending their “Big Interviewer” morning.  Crawford Moxley and Roxanne Lewington took part form Mackenzie Smith and were joined by representatives from a range of local businesses.  The students prepared an application form and covering letter for their target job and were interviewed as if they were applying for that role. There was a wide range of ambitions and we were impressed by how well many of the students had thought out how to reach their career goal. As the first attempt at an interview some pupils were understandably nervous but a great deal of advice was given to help them improve for the future.  The school reported a ‘buzz’ and positive atmosphere as a result of the interview day; we hope this inspires the pupils to maintain their focus in their final year of school.

Considering the economic climate it is ever more important for children to become confident and equipped with the right skills to enter the wider world. We also continue our sponsorship of the termly newsletter to help with the costs of this exceedingly well produced and informative communication.