The market has been inconsistent over the last few months with no way of predicting what will happen from one week to the next. This can, at times be frustrating as there is never a set pattern but I have found that despite some unpredictability results are consistent each month providing that we are consistent and maintain a steady approach.

The local market here in Ash Vale is still fairing well and good properties which are correctly priced sell within a reasonable period of time. Properties need to be accurately priced otherwise there is a danger they will stagnate attracting very little interest. No matter how good your Estate Agent is or how hard they work, buyers are extremely switched on to what the right price should be. Asking a realistic price does not mean you have to accept a low offer. My research demonstrates that my office achieves around 98 / 99% of the asking price in most cases.

The lack of property coming to the market in general is still a key issue and I put this down to prospective sellers thinking of moving ‘sitting on the fence’ to perhaps see if the volatile situation in Europe has an adverse affect on the situation here in the UK.

Buyers don’t seem fazed by this because May has been our best month of the year so far for property sales. This, I attribute to my clients taking a sensible approach to their asking prices and the continued popularity of the area for buyers either to move within the area or buyers moving in to the district.

Give me a call if you are thinking of making a move or just require some advice….

Crawford Moxley

Manager, Mackenzie Smith Ash Vale

(01252) 353030