Justin SmithMackenzie Smith would like to wish a Happy New Year to all the Thistleblower readers!

How can we make the 2014 property market blossom? My simple answer would be, for anyone looking to sell, don’t hold back on putting your property onto the market in the early period of this year.

Our biggest issue last year was the lack of properties coming onto the market so taking the step to put your property on the market will increase available stock and encourage the whole market to keep moving.

Back in the days before the internet it was traditional to place your property onto the market in Spring and that people looking to buy would register with an estate agent. Now the web has reshaped the way people go about finding property, it’s a 24/7 market where people can look for property any time and any place.

When we get instructed to sell a property the details are promptly promoted on popular national property websites so as well as the applicants on our system we get calls and emails for details and viewings from many buyers who have not registered with us but are looking independently.

Although the internet provides a readily updated property register I’m still a believer in registering with Estate Agents as a buyer, then you can get the inside track on properties coming to the market before they even get on the internet and we can do our job of matching properties and buyers effectively.

Our role as Estate Agents is to provide a tailored approach and offer a quality service to our clients, something I am confident we deliver at Mackenzie Smith as much of our business over the last 20 years have come from recommendations from previous clients.

If you are thinking of moving this spring we would be happy to carry out a free market appraisal and valuation, contact the Hook Office on 01256 764666 or email hook@mackenziesmith.co.uk. footer w branchnos