Following the success of the recent sales launch Inland Homes have now released all the apartments at Beaumont House for sale.

Don’t miss your chance to buy your new apartment; 50% of the apartments at Beaumont House were reserved within a matter of weeks of the launch so, with more enquiries coming in daily, if you are considering purchasing an apartment at Queensgate there is no time to delay.

Vicki Noon Sales and Marketing Director from Inland Homes, Ed Mackenzie Smith M.D. of Mackenzie Smith and New Homes Negotiator Chreyl Ann Davies

“These well designed one and two bedroom apartments are proving highly popular with a variety of buyers, including a number of cash investors who are looking forward to yields in the region of 6%+” commented Cheryl Davies, New Homes Negotiator from selling agents Mackenzie Smith.

“The one bedroom apartments in particular provide a fantastic opportunity for first time buyers, well designed and located, reasonably priced and with ‘New Buy’ available for that extra bit of help.” Cheryl continues. “If you have not come across New Buy it is the Government backed scheme that aims to help people with a smaller mortgage deposit of just 5% buy a newly built home, and it is available to a range of people, not just first time buyers.”

With well designed interiors and a high specification throughout, these fabulous new apartments by Inland Homes are set in a beautiful landscaped environment close to Farnborough town centre with prices starting from only £155,950.

Now Only 7 Plots Available

For further information or to confirm your interest in receiving priority information please call the Queensgate Sales Centre on 01252 546444 (Thu to Mon 10am – 5pm), call 01252 375999 midweek, or email

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