Newly appointed Planning and Housing Minister Brandon Lewis is being well received by the public and property industries as the government elevates the housing issue within the government.

His appointment to a role which now combines housing and planning for the first time in five years as well as promoting the housing and planning areas full minister of state level gives some much needed reassurance to those in the building, property and lettings sectors.

Brandon Lewis Minister for Housing and Planning Photo:ITN


Bringing housing and planning portfolios under a single minister of state gives hope to all those in the housing sector that having a single person in charge will alleviate some of the issues contributing to slow house building rates which have plagued the country, particularly our area in North Hampshire where homes are in such high demand, for far too long.

There is also good news for Landlords and the lettings industry, as the newly appointed housing minister Brandon Lewis is a private landlord so understands this industry as an insider.

Previously elected MP of Great Yarmouth in May 2010 then undersecretary of state in the Department for Communities and Local Government Lewis has held a range of responsibilities including local government, fire services, high streets, town centres, markets, travelers and pubs. This diverse experience backed by his qualifications and experience as a qualified barrister, company director and landlord with a degrees in economics and law should stand him in good stead as planning and housing minister, though only time will tell what policies may be implemented.

Michael Clarke MARLA Letting Agent

Michael Clarke MARLA

Michael Clarke, MARLA, Lettings Director at Mackenzie Smith Lettings commented “The vast majority of the Governments legislation relating to the PRS (Private Rented Sector) is most welcome and makes a lot of sense but sometimes laws are passed that seem to fly in the face of common sense and only seem to hinder the private landlord rather than help. With the appointment of the new Housing Minister, who is himself a private landlord we hope to see a more informed approach to policy making when it comes to the PRS.”

Lewis is a prolific Tweeter and can be followed at @BrandonLewis