Moving home in lockdown

January 13, 2021

Are you due to exchange or complete during lockdown? With house moves still permitted under current Government guidelines (at the time of publishing), we’ve put together some tips to help ensure your move stays as safe as possible.

If you can, allow plenty of time for the new house to be empty before you move in. If possible, this should be a minimum of 72 hours, which according to scientific knowledge, should allow enough time for any potential Covid particles on surfaces to die off.

If possible, air the property and leave it empty for 9 – 17 days to allow possible Covid particles in the air to dissipate. Understandably, this isn’t often possible, so in those cases, on first arrival, wear your mask into the property and give your home a thorough airing, this is especially relevant if there has not been enough time to space out the move. Open all doors and windows to maximize the through air, clearing the home of as many lingering particles as possible. You may wish to wait outside, or in the car for a short period whilst the house airs, before entering the home without a mask.

Giving your new home a thorough clean is second nature to all of us. However, it would be ideal to do this before moving any personal items or furniture in, making it even less likely for the transferral of harmful bacteria.

Cleaning products with bleach are the best for this purpose, but be wary of the strength of the product on certain materials such as laminate flooring, where an anti-bacterial product may well be more appropriate. Remember to wipe inside the cupboards and splashback tiling, as well as frequent touchpoints such as door frames, light switches, and walls or banisters on the stairs.

If this is difficult for you to manage, whether your new home is difficult to pop into or it is physically difficult to carry out a top-to-bottom clean, find out if there are reputable local cleaners in your neighbourhood. You could perhaps contact the previous owner or new neighbours for advice.

Arrange for the majority of your personal items, such as bulky appliances and furniture to be moved 72 hours in advance of commencing your own habitation in the house, again, if time allows. This will help to prevent the spread of germs from the removal company to yourself and your family. Ideally, choose a removal firm recommended by a friend or relative that can be relied on to act respectfully with your property and wear the proper PPE.

Whilst these suggestions will certainly help, the most important thing, of course, is to apply common sense and adhere to Government guidelines throughout to make your move as safe as possible.

For full details of our current covid guidelines, for buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords, click here.

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