As so often before the markets operate the way they want to and not how the media portray things.

We have seen an increase in business levels starting just before and around the Government deficit budget. We also experienced this in September 2008 when the world was – according to many – ‘coming to an end’. Although we reported at the time we had record numbers of people looking (admittedly not all buying) it nevertheless confirmed our view that a market cannot stand still for ever.

Either buyers or sellers had to make a move.

This was borne out by a very busy 2009 with values  and volumes of sales recovering.

There are many people out there who either want to buy or sell and in my opinion this will gather pace. There has to be realism from sellers but in our opinion buyers recognise real value and want to make decisions and get on with their lives.

Too much anaylsis from people not on the shop floor and in the real world.