Sellers who may be concerned about the strength of the market and are delaying decision making should think again.

Yes the market in North Hampshire is quite tough, but if realism is adopted in pricing sales are being negotiated. The good news is that once a sale has been agreed contracts are normally exchanged in a reasonable time. In other words getting commitment in the first place can be hard work but once secured, deals normally go through.

This indicates that whilst buyers recognise that the economy is tough going, values in our area are reasonably stable.

Good quality marketing and accurate valuation advice accelerates the front end decision making process.

Our friends at Which? have recently piled in with their observations on the Estate Agency industry with ‘overvaluing’ to secure instructions being a main criticism.

Clearly sellers want to see if they can get the best price possible. Our advice in this market is to quote as close to the real value as possible as overpricing just puts buyers off looking.

How much more?

We think 2 – 3% is about right.