Our intrepid runner, Katherine Gray, of Mackenzie Smith’s Land department has been continuing her marathon training programme and last weekend reached the 20 mile milestone.

In preparation Katherine will be running the Pre-London Fleet Half Marathon next Sunday at 10.30, though it will feel like 9.30 as the clocks are changing. Not that that is an early start for Katherine who got up at 5am on Saturday to get her run in before the rest of the world came to life.

Although Katherine has run the Fleet Half Marathon three times previously this year will be her first London Marathon.

The Marathon will be in aid of educational charity, The Outward Bound Trust, who will use the money raised to help as many young people as possible to have access to safe, adventurous experiences through which they can raise their self-esteem, realise their full potential and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Now there is only exactly 1 month left until the London Marathon and Katherine has raised 49% of the target so the fundraising race is on too.  To help Katherine raise the £1,750.00 required by the charity click on this link to visit her donation page.