The staff at our Ash Vale office took a year 10 student under their wing for a week to give them a taste of the estate agency world. Hayley, a pupil from Ash Manor School was a great asset and great tribute to the school, conducting herself in such a mature and professional manner.  Work experience, even at school can be a great eye opener, help when it comes to deciding what career might be suitable in the future and be a useful addition to a CV. We hope this was a valuable experience for Hayley and are sure she has a bright future ahead of her!

Dear Mr Garrido,

I felt I should write to you following the weeks work experience conducted at Mackenzie Smith Estate Agents in Ash. During my 18 years of running offices I have had numerous work experience people within various branches, without any doubt Hayley has been the most hard working, helpful and interested student I have ever worked with.

Darren Allett

Dear Mr Allett,

I would like to thank you for your email regarding Hayley and her successful completion of work experience at Mackenzie Smith. It is always a pleasure to hear how well our students conduct themselves outside of the school and am extremely grateful to you for taking the time to express this direct to me.

I will most certainly pass on your comments to Hayley personally, together with her Form Tutor and Academic Progress Manager. Once again, thank you for taking the time in letting us know how well Hayley performed during her work experience.

For and on behalf of Mr D. Garrido, Headteacher at Ash Manor School.