Nickey Stokes our prize winner has been enjoying his iPad

We are pleased to announce the winner of the iPad prize was Nicky Stokes from the Farnborough area, whose name was picked out of a hat in December and has now been enjoying his iPad for almost a month.

During 2011 we carried out some research with clients, buyers and members of the public to generate feedback to ensure we are delivering the excellent results and customer service our customers expect.

We collected around 200 responses, each of which was entered into our Prize Draw for an iPad. The results were very reassuring with words such as; excellent, friendly, professional, proficient and knowledgeable a recurring theme.

Responders identified professionalism, honesty, customer service, reliability and local knowledge as top differentiators between agents.

Results from clients cited ‘the quality of property representation’, ‘the idea of having a personal client manager’, and ‘good reputation’ as top reasons for initially inviting Mackenzie smith to their home for a valuation.

Following on from this, the top reasons for instruction indentified were; ‘the agent was likeable and trustworthy’, ‘the professionalism of the agent’ , ‘Mackenzie Smith are very knowledgeable about the local area’ , ‘Mackenzie Smith offered a reasonable fee for the service they promised’ and ‘Mackenzie Smith provided a realistic valuation’.

After the sale of property we were rated by clients on several aspects of our customer service and received predominantly ‘Exemplary’ scoring in the areas of helpfulness, personal service, property market and local knowledge, feedback and updates, problem solving, politeness and manners as well as trustworthiness. A ‘Great’ score was given for the other categories; speed and efficiency, and availability.

100% of client respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the marketing of their property, with 78% satisfied or very satisfied with the price they achieved, 85% were satisfied with the time it took to sell the property and 90% scored us as excellent or good value for money.

97% of respondents would recommend Mackenzie Smith; with 100% of respondents providing an overall rating over 7/10, including 70% scoring 9 or 10 out of 10.

Feedback from buyers showed that their viewing experience was very positive, that they had found it easy to make an appointment, that queries were addressed well, they were greeted well by the agent who was knowledgeable about the area and the property, was likeable and trustworthy and provided their full attention to the prospective buyer making them feel respected and valued. 95% of buyers said they were more likely to instruct Mackenzie Smith to sell their property in the future due to their experience as a buyer.

View some of our clients’ feedback on the testimonial section of our website.

The results show we are on track as providers of excellent customer service who are very capable of selling homes, even in this economic climate. We understand in a service industry it is people that matter as well as expertise, which is why we have adopted a personal client management strategy and will continue to treat our customers as individual people, whilst continually adapting our marketing to changing tastes and technologies.