With less than 2 weeks to go until the London Marathon it all now seems very close.

Katherine had a successful experience at the Fleet Half Marathon, running at marathon pace and finished without injury and with enough energy to do another half marathon – a perfect result.

Now ‘tapering’ her training as recommended in the training and nutrition guides issued by marathon organisers, Katherine will be running just 6 miles this weekend to maintain condition but avoid injury before the main event.

The Marathon will be run by Katherine in aid of educational charity, The Outward Bound Trust, who will use the money raised to help as many young people as possible to have access to safe, adventurous experiences through which they can raise their self-esteem, realise their full potential and achieve more than they ever thought possible. They have requested that Katherine raises £1,750.00 for the charity.

So far Katherine has raised two thirds of her target but still has a way to go to meet the target. To sponsor Katherine click on this link to visit her donation page.

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