A current shift in attitude towards living accommodation means some young adults are deciding to find their independence by sharing with their partner and/or friends, whilst others have increased the length of time they remain at home with their parents, many returning following graduation.

Research conducted by Aviva in 2017 showed that over a the course of a decade, the number of adults aged 21-34 still living with their parents rose by 37%, from 2.2 to 2.9 million.

In 2019, it has become an increasing occurrence for young adults to remain living with their parents, where they have the flexibility to save for a mortgage deposit of their own, or for an initial deposit on rented accommodation. Help to Buy has helped to ease this financial transition, with many first time buyers taking advantage of this, reportedly 80% of all Help to Buy purchases were a first time buy – an option which we can gladly offer more information on, you can find available schemes here

With the above in mind, it is important to consider effective ways to manage your home when living with other adults.

Read on for some tips, below…

Retaining personal space is important for everyone. Whilst it is a privilege to be part of a family, or to share your home with trusted friends, the process of doing so can sometimes be an art in itself. If you are a young adult returning home from university, you may well be used to living an entirely different lifestyle, and will likely expect parents to respect your maturity and freedom as an adult, as well as feeling the need to adjust to your parents’ expectations.

Those of you sharing a home will likely need a rota for household chores, to at least avoid the scenario of endless washing up left in the kitchen! Set boundaries and organise space; it is important that everyone is happy, with the time and space to pursue their own interests.

The benefit of living with your friends, is that you will be lucky enough to enjoy their company. An open plan kitchen/diner could be refitted with a generous range of units for storage, whilst offering an ideal space to socialise. Conversely, your second reception, or possibly third reception room could well be key to receiving guests without interfering somebody’s favourite show with an unexpected intrusion!

Why not consider presenting your preferred guest reception room, perhaps a dining room, in neutral décor, which appeals to a variety of tastes? If you keep furniture to a minimum, this leaves plenty of space for socialising and creating a flexible space, perhaps simply enhance it with perhaps a few personal touches – such as my favourite, an embarrassing photograph! Importantly, don’t forget the generous wifi connection. Invite your new housemate to share in the presentation of the room, so it suits everybody’s tastes.

With a shared home, as with living with adult children, it is important to empathise with the needs of each other, one example would be shift patterns. If quiet will be needed as another person sleeps, music, guests or even vacuuming will need to be considerately dealt with. If you are lucky enough to live in a versatile property, with a number of reception rooms or ground floor bedrooms, think about the positioning of bedrooms if a person is doing shift work, to provide them with the quieter room.  A lower floor bedroom would also avoid everyone else being woken up by the noise created by them traipsing up and down the stairs in the middle of the night! 

If you are expecting another adult to move in, but are short on space, an extension or conversion to an open plan living style, or a loft conversion would also be the ideal way of creating sociable extra space and would leave plenty of room for entertaining.  Although, if a complete change is in order, then perhaps you would prefer to move on to a more substantial property, perhaps with an annexe,  or grounds to develop.

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