With the improvement in the English Weather, comes the increase in the number of land opportunities Mackenzie Smith has been instructed to sell.  Personal circumstances will always play a large part of a land owners decision to sell their land, but another factors have also required serious consideration.

One of these factors is the progress of Hart District Councils Local Plan: Core Strategy 2011-2029.  The Council withdrew the Local Plan: Core Strategy 2011-2029 on 30th September 2013 and as such the existing Hart District Local Plan (Replacement) 1996-2006 is still in place.   Work is currently underway on a new Local Plan for Hart and consultation on strategic growth options for a new Local Plan is scheduled for July 2014.

Potential changes to the planning policy of Hart District Council, based on the documentation submitted to The Planning Inspectorate in July 2013, before the Core Strategy was withdrawn, could have a negative impact on land values for small to medium sites.   Whether these potential planning policy changes are included in the revised Local Plan is yet to be seen.

Katherine Gray Land ManagerThe process for implementing a new Local Plan means that any changes to planning policy, if they happen, will not do so overnight.  However, the potential impact on land values if Hart District Councils current proposed planning policy changes are adopted means those land owners who are considering selling land for residential development should do so now.

Katherine Gray LL.B (Hons) LPC, Land Manager

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