As a landlord, you are required by law to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) carried out on the property you let, but did you know that from 1st April 2018 the Government will be applying a new law that requires all rented properties to be a minimum of an E rating.

For the vast majority of owners in our area this won’t be a problem. However, to remain compliant you must check your rating. If your rental property has an F or G rating you must take the necessary steps to improve to an E before you can create a new tenancy, either to existing or new tenants.

To check your EPC rating, click the link below and enter the property postcode.

The report will tell you when the EPC was carried out and will also make recommendations on how to improve your rating, along with an indicative cost of carrying out the work recommended, for which you may get access to Government funding.

An EPC has a ten year lifespan. You may have had work carried out since the EPC was first done, if that is the case, or you simply want an up-to-date EPC, we are offering our landlords a new EPC inspection at a discounted rate.

For more information, visit the Government website here:

To arrange your new EPC inspection, or for further information, call us on 01252 514000.