Hooray for Scheherazade

Year 6 pupils at Hook Junior School took part in a delightful retelling of the tale of Scheherazade. The story begins with two young characters seeking a present for their Grandfather, they meet an eccentric old man in a junk shop who retells the tale.

Scheherazade is bound by a curse breakable only by telling over 1000 enchanting stories to the Sultan, including the ‘Tale of the Beggar’ and ‘The Story of Ali Baba’.  Each tale was beautifully brought to life on stage, eventually reaching 1001 stories and breaking the Sultan’s curse.

Mackenzie Smith were pleased to be able to sponsor the event which was very well put together with high quality costumes, stage setting, music and of course acting and singing by the talented performers. We would like to thank the school for allowing us to attend.

Hook Juniors Scheherazade