With the recent bright and sunny summer weather, many of us would have preferred to be outside, worshipping the sun, perhaps instead of being stuck indoors. Even on the rainy days most of us would benefit from more natural light.

There are many ways that you can draw natural sunlight into the house, capture a view of that beautiful blue sky on clear days and bring more nature inside during the process. Many of these methods can be ever so subtle. For example, a mirror placed opposite a window can create more space and light in a smaller room. Many of us favour indoor plants, a variety of these around your house can certainly look attractive – you could even have an inside tree in a large room, or at the other end of the spectrum, a miniature bonsai tree! Why not pop into your local garden centre to see what you can find?

Enhancing a room with extra natural light is a great way to lift the atmosphere. Some home improvements can bring the outside in; perhaps you could install a skylight, a glass paned door into the garden, or even insert an extra (or larger) double glazed window. After all, gone are the days in the 18th/19th centuries where we paid extra tax according to how many windows there were on a property! Every room will be brightened by such additions.

An ideal way to flatter a living room, lounge or dining space is to incorporate bi-folding doors. A set of bi-folding doors spreading the width of a wall is not only an attractive feature to enhance a reception room, but in pleasant weather creates a vast amount of space for entertaining. With an adjoining outside patio or decking, the door seamlessly integrates the inside and outside space, almost turning the garden into an extra room. If, for example, you would like to make a living room and a conservatory more fashionably open plan, bi-folding doors are a modern way to bring the natural light and outside views into the living room from the conservatory, as well as taking up less space than conventional patio and French doors.

If you are contemplating an extension, the most obvious way of bringing in the outdoors is to add a conservatory, and perhaps less obvious, an orangery. A conservatory tends to have more glass and less brick than an orangery, though this is not necessarily the case. Usually conservatories do have more peaked rooftops. Orangeries were originally created in the Renaissance as a way of growing citrus fruits in our colder climate and the conservatories developed from that idea. Both types of extension are extremely versatile and there is surely no better way to bring the outside in than by having a room with such an open view. Simply relaxing in an orangery or conservatory is sure to enhance your everyday living and it needn’t be limited to the warmer months, as double glazing and the option of adding heating creates a room for year round use.

If you are hoping to increase the value and saleability of your home, it is a good idea to check with an estate agent to make sure that this is indeed the case.

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