Introducing The Bewley Bonus

June 07, 2023

Buying that first home is a significant milestone, and with the growing costs associated with homeownership, every little counts. With the aim of making that first step on the property ladder more accessible and rewarding, Bewley Homes has introduced a brand-new incentive, “The Bewley Bonus."

The Bewley Bonus is a unique incentive program designed to provide homebuyers with a choice of benefits, adding value to their purchasing journey. Bewley Homes, a renowned developer committed to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, has carefully created this incentive to support and reward their first-time buyers.

Key Benefits of The Bewley Bonus:

Deposit Contributions: One of the standout features of The Bewley Bonus is the deposit contribution provided by Bewley Homes. This contribution can significantly reduce the financial burden of the initial deposit, making homeownership more achievable for many buyers.

Personalisation and Upgrades: The Bewley Bonus offers buyers the opportunity to personalise and upgrade their new home. This could include a choice of fixtures and fittings, tailored design options, or even additional features such as integrated appliances or garden landscaping.

Stamp Duty Savings: Stamp duty can be a substantial expense for homebuyers. Under The Bewley Bonus, Bewley Homes may contribute towards the payment of stamp duty, helping buyers save money and allocate their funds towards other important aspects of homeownership.

Legal Fee Assistance: Buying a home involves legal processes that can come with associated costs. The Bewley Bonus eases this burden by offering assistance with legal fees, ensuring a smoother and more affordable homebuying experience.

Dedicated Customer Support: Bewley Homes takes pride in its exceptional customer service. With The Bewley Bonus, buyers receive dedicated support throughout the buying process, ensuring any queries or concerns are promptly addressed.

Eligibility and Availability: The availability of The Bewley Bonus may vary depending on the specific Bewley Homes development and the terms and conditions associated with each property. Prospective buyers should consult with Bewley Homes directly to understand the eligibility criteria and availability of the program.

Available now on The Shaw, Bewley’s two bedroom home at Ash Lodge Park in Surrey, homeowners could find themselves affording to move sooner than expected. Our Ash Vale team are on-hand to discuss current availability, on a range of plots that are not only ready to move into but would also be eligible for The Bewley Bonus.

Contact the local team today on 01252 353030,, to find out more.

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