fleet-pond_hiresAs Brits we are notoriously humble, however, spend a day in the area and you won’t be short of people telling you that Hart is the UK’s most desirable place to live, not just this year, but for 5 consecutive years!

Nestled away in the South’s glorious countryside and built up from a variety of historic and picturesque towns and villages it is easy to see how the district holds on to this enviable title.

Halifax conduct their UK quality of life survey every year, taking into account a range of statistics and qualifying areas of interest. With the South East dominating the poll, it is a sought after title, proving our area to be the best place to live in the country. For full findings, you can read the full report here.

fleet train stnFor commuters, our branch towns provide a rural escape just 1 hour from the city by train. With quick access to the motorway and good public transport, Hart offers an attractive commute option for workers.

With a plethora of outdoor spaces from nature reserves and woodland to lakes and canals, Hart offers a gateway to the countryside along with popular towns and work areas offering a diverse range of restaurants, shops and entertainment options.

The high standard of schools in the area also makes Hart an attractive destination for families, many of our buyers move to the area for school relocation along with a better quality of life.

Don’t take our word for it, here are Halifax’s findings:

  • Hart residents have the highest average life expectancy in the UK.

  • Four out of five 16-64 year olds are employed, a higher than average employment rate.

  • The average income of those employed is 33% higher than average.

  • We have one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

  • Not only do we have less rainfall, but we also have more sunshine than most of the country.20140414_191545

Overall, Halifax found residents of Hart to be more happy, satisfied and content than anywhere else in the UK.

If all of this has tempted you into considering one of Hart’s towns or villages as your next home, give us a call to see what properties we currently have on the market to suit your relocation needs. Alternatively you can search our up to date website here, or give one of our teams a call at our branch locations.

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