Witches & Wizards of the property world unite for this new Potter Poll!

With the next iteration in the Harry Potter universe releasing this week under the title Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we thought it would be a ‘fantastic’ time to see what your favourite Harry Potter Properties would be in the wizarding world! It’s a fun and easy way to explore your inner magic.

This poll compiles ten of the most well-known and prominent properties in the Potter universe, and begs the question which Harry Potter home would you own? Our team have decided which property they want to win, and you might be surprised by the office favourite!

We hope you enjoy our poll and look forward to seeing which properties comes out on top.

And remember, if you need any Muggle property advice or to simply book a viewing with or without a cupboard under the stairs then contact Mackenzie Smith at one of our many branches!

Alohomora & Enjoy our Properties Poll!