With half-term coming up, we’ve put together some arts and crafts ideas just in-time for Halloween. We’ll be trialling our own Mackenzie Smith spin on some of these over the weekend, so keep an eye on facebook to see how those turn out. If you try any of the below, we’d love to see your attempts on our facebook page!

Halloween spoon puppets

A great idea from hobbycraft, this activity has two benefits for keeping the children occupied, both the making of the puppets and the puppet shows. The materials are quite easy to come across and vary depending on how far you want to take it, however hobbycraft do have a Halloween craft box if you want to keep life simple. Details and instructions can be found here.


Toilet roll characters

Toilet roll inners are so handy to store up for arts and crafts, you can do so much with them. This simple arts and crafts idea could be a great and cost-efficient way of decorating the house along with using up the recycling and occupying an afternoon. Again, how much you want to get involved is up to your own discretion and materials needed could easily vary and be improvised, but for full details, click here.


Halloween lanterns

Another way of using up materials from the home (with a few added extras), this is a quick and fun Halloween craft idea, a bit messy, but cost effective and doesn’t require too much attention to detail. If you get to grips with them, they could be easily adapted for Christmas too! Instructions can be found on this blog, along with all the materials you’ll need.



Satsuma lanterns

Let’s face it, carving pumpkins is not for everyone. Whilst the end result is brilliant, it can be a lot of mess and hard-work. We’ve come across this miniature alternative. The items required really can be found in the home; any kind of orange, knife, spoon, nail scissors and a tea light candle. I’m sure you can figure out how these are done, but for step-by-step instructions, click here.



Halloween shadow makers

If spoon puppets aren’t for you, how about creating a shadow puppet show? These are really easy to make, all that’s needed is some black paper, a craft knife, sticky tape and some wooden sticks. The template pack on the link lets you print out a template and cut around the shapes. If you don’t have wooden sticks at home, just take a trip to your local coffee shop for stirrers. For templates and more information, click here.


Pumpkin pom-poms

These could be scaled up, but for this purpose we’re talking mini pom-poms, ideal for hanging on door handles, decorating trees or even making a garland. However you use them, it’s a great cost-effective activity that takes little time. All you need is orange wool, black felt/card, glue, scissors and a fork. If you wanted some ghoulish ones, you could change colours to create monsters or white for ghosts. For instructions, click here.



We hope that gets you started with a few rainy day activities, for the nicer weather, explore our half-term activities here