Now settling in at the busy Farnborough office Daniel Hutchinson takes a few moments to introduce himself…

“My name is Daniel Hutchinson, I’m 21 years old and have lived primarily in Farnborough all of my life. I have found working in the area I grew up has numerous benefits, and enables me to answer any questions or give advice to clients where someone who hasn’t grown up here wouldn’t be able to.Daniel Hutchenson

“I attended All Hallows Catholic College to complete my A levels, once I had gained my A Levels I was accepted to study Marketing at the University of Roehampton, London.  Unfortunately I became ill for several months so had no choice but to postpone my education. Once I had fully recovered I decided to get a job in an industry I had always had a fascination with, Estate Agency.

“I worked with an Estate Agency in Farnborough for seven months before restarting university. It wasn’t long after I started studying again I realised that I had grown accustomed to working and missed the buzz it provided me. Therefore, I finished my first year of University and went back to work in estate agency.

“I have settled in very well at Mackenzie Smith, I am thoroughly enjoying working in such a busy environment where I always have something to do and a goal to achieve. The team have been very welcoming, and are more than happy to assist me with any queries I might have.”

In his spare time Daniel has a passion and technical ability with computers and competes in gaming and is also a big fan of Rugby and the Moto GP.

Daniel Hutchinson, Client Negotiator

(01252) 375999