One of the contstants of this years market is how unpredictable business is.

Just when you think the market can’t get better or worse it does  a 360 flip and does the opposite. There is no doubt in mind that this demonstrates that the market is uncertain but not that uncertain that buyers won’t buy a property if the reasons are good enough.

Although we are constantly reminding our clients that accurate pricing will pay off there is still very good evidence that the right property, in the right place, presented well and pitched at the right price is selling well and in some cases attracting offers in excess of the quoted price. This is particulary evident in Fleet.

We even have the scenario of having to target certain roads and areas to locate property for buyers seeking to live in Fleet as properties in the £400,000 – £500,000 band are in short supply.

So whilst many agents are predicting a slow summer I’m doing the opposite; I think the market is going to be very busy over the next few months for the correctly priced properties on the market as buyers recognise value when they see it.