Director, Stephen Tetlow

Despite the seasonally inclement weather the demand for properties in and around Hartley Wintney remains robust as the imbalance between supply and demand continues to force buyers to make a quick decision from the limited choice of properties currently available.

Whilst many of these buyers have held the belief that the choice of properties will improve as we move further into the year, the current indications would suggest that their confidence might be slightly misplaced.

Of course these conditions will also apply to those families who might be considering a local move and to a degree this lack of choice also makes them hesitant about placing their home on the market.

Stephen Tetlow commented  ‘ It would still be my advice to anyone contemplating a move that they should seriously think about securing a buyer for their home as the likelihood of them finding the house of their dreams might be severely hampered if they are not able to proceed, when the right property becomes available which invariably it does’