Inject some zen into your home, and life, with our feng shui inspired home cleansing tips.

With the Chinese New Year just weeks away, we’ve been feeling inspired by the ancient principles of feng shui to infuse positive energy, wellbeing, calm and happiness into our home. The New Year is when many of us seek a positive change, so here’s another chance!

Feng shui suggests that your surroundings play a strong role in your level of comfort, physical and mental health, relationships, and ultimately, your success. The principle is to streamline the flow of energy in your home, which should then reflect upon your personal energy flow. Feng shui considers your home as a whole, making use of elements relating to colour, symmetry, and nature to infuse harmony and tranquillity throughout your living spaces.

Here are just some ideas that will help stimulate balance, zen and positivity in your home.


As far as feng shui principles go, a tidy home is a lucky home, one which radiates calm and positive energy. The aim is to create an efficient space that encourages discipline in your life. Take a quick glance around your home, assess what is ‘unhelpful’, unused or simply gathering dust. Maybe these items would be better placed in another area of your home, or better yet, stored in the loft, shed or given to charity.


As you burn off the old energy, welcome fresh, new chi with essential oils. The sense of smell will purify any negative energy residuals while uplifting your mood and the air around you. Try burning palo santo, a wood traditionally used for relieving common cold and flu symptoms that is now popular for its energy cleansing and healing properties. You could polish with white sage, or spray with a mix of natural orange essential oil and water. White sage is heavier for the heavy duty space clearing, whilst an orange oil is great if you need something to uplift your mood. Most importantly, try to imagine the space being filled with positive energy and your dreams for the future.

Release energy

Open the windows to release those old negative energies and simply let it breathe. Dust to encourage the outward flow of unsuccessful energy, creating a prosperous setting. According to feng shui principles, the front door is the main point for chi to enter your home and life, it’s paramount to channel good energy throughout your home. Start by giving your front door a good clean, fixing any cracks or creaks. Remove any obstructions that could block the flow of energy, to harness the best energy, it is believed you must select a harmonising colour for your front door. This will be dependant on the direction, for example, if your front door is facing east, it channels the wood element, so the best colours for your door would be green, brown, blue and black. The worst colours would be red, purple and orange. 

Window cleaning

Feng shui believes windows symbolise your eyes to the world. So, if you want to see and experience the world in its full glory, put in some elbow grease and use the age-old method of a newspaper, vinegar and water to clean away any dirt, smears and grime.

Channel the elements

Create an inspiring energy spot in your home, try to incorporate the five key elements of feng shui here. For instance, you could encourage purifying ‘fire’ with candles and incense, ‘wood’ with fresh flowers and plants, ‘water’ with a water feature or simply a bowl, ‘earth’ could be represented by natural rock crystals and finally ‘metal’, using candle holders or bells. Let’s not forget some good music that raises the energy too.

Power zones

Initiate energy powers throughout areas of your home to make every room feel calm and happy. According to the ancient principle, your home is represented by eight key zones, ‘Bagua’, if they are treated right, the corresponding life area will also improve. A similar nine grid map called ‘Gua’ tends to be better suited to western homes as they are often split over two floors. Use this Gua grid to help identify the areas of your home and place representative items here. Below are just some suggestions…
Money: Place fresh flowers or a jade plant. It is also a good spot in which to keep cash or a valuable treasure.
Relationship: Bring in pairs or an image of two trees intertwined. If your living room is in this area, place a pair of pillows or two matching chairs here.
Children and creativity: Ideal for a bulletin board or a craft zone. If you don’t have children, you could use this spot to indulge your inner child with bold wallpaper or chalkboard paint.
Friends and travel: The best place for funny or playful photos that remind you of friends and memorable adventures.
Career: Ensure you keep this area as well-lit as possible. You could also put something that relates to your passion or job here, such as an inspiring quote or instrument.
Knowledge: A mediating space or intimate spot for reading and conversations.
Family and health: Keep it really clean, it’s also the best spot for displaying family photos.
Reputation: Ideal for displaying awards and good luck symbols.

Super-charge the stove

The kitchen is believed to be a super-charged room. It sees daily use and is where we store our food, so forms a key representation of both wealth and health. It is believed that the stove fuels these positive energies around your home, but only if it is clean. A dirty stove will fuel negative chi that brings down your personal energy, prosperity and the chi of your food. It is therefore paramount to clean and care for your stove regularly, to remove any negative or stagnant energy that is clinging to it.

Channel wealth with the fridge

The fridge is another representer of wealth and health, but this time of a metal element. It is therefore important to keep it away from any element of ‘fire’, such as the stove. In feng shui, the fridge is closely associated with family wealth, so be sure to keep it full and clean, by removing expired food, rotten ingredients and any unwanted items. A clean and healthy fridge will effectively promote good family fortune.

The bedroom 

Your bed and bedroom support your personal energy and are key to maintain the energy of love and healing. It is therefore paramount to have a strong sturdy bed, with nothing cluttered or stored underneath. Soft natural colours like light blues, greens and lavenders will give it a quiet, tranquil vibe and invite healing energy. Embellish your bed and its surroundings using symmetry to encourage a well-balanced and secure energy.

Finally, you!

With the home and energy set straight, it’s time to focus on you and clear away any negative residue. Take a relaxing bath with a cup of Epsom salts and a few drops of a citrus essential oil to wash away that unwanted negative energy. Lay back and visualise a new positive energy, while also watching your breath, by inhaling and exhaling slowly. This tranquil task will ease your muscles and encourage your personal energy flow. Be sure to rinse with cold water and clean out the tub with baking soda and warm water.

We hope these tips help get you cleansed and empowered for the year ahead.